TBC Clothing (The Teddy Bear Club) was founded in 2007 on the intuition of 2 young entrepreneurs, who since then have transformed their skills, knowledge and hard work into a successful brand that is well known for its originality, warmth and ability to produce recognisable designs, influenced by it consumers.

For TBC the word Origin’s, plays a major part in the development of the clothing and personalisation in order for consumers to attach their identity to the pieces. The Origins Bear T-shirt, sweatshirt and Hooded Sweatshirt design places memories of a moment in life from when it was first purchased by the consumer, it is a design that grows with age, and has a fast growing family coming along with it.

TBC Clothing was born from the passion and drive of 2 young men, who had a dream to “DO THEIR OWN THING” in which they did, and what came out of the extensive amount of research was a unique logo/brand with a style based on curiosity, life experiences and imagination.


From that one single design, the idea was born to develop a simple and immediately recognisable clothing line.


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